Our travel guides

Travel educates, bridges differences, enriches, broadens horizons and opens people’s hearts. You will thus be able to break down prejudices, learn more about yourself and others, discover other cultures and the beauty of our land; it’s pure quality of life.

And if there is one place in the world that guarantees you all this, it is Algeria, which is why you need our guides.

Our multilingual and especially English-speaking guides have the knowledge and experience necessary to accompany you and explain all the details to make your trip unforgettable.

Duties and Tasks of our Travel Guides:

– Greeting and welcoming guests.

– Explaining safety procedures.

– Responding to guest needs.

– Translating.

– Attending to special needs of tour participants.

– Giving advice on sightseeing and shopping.

– Planing tour itineraries, applying knowledge of travel routes and destination sites.

– Resolving any problems with itineraries, service, or accommodations.

– Selling travel packages.

– Arranging for tour or expedition details such as accommodations, transportation, equipment, and the availability of medical personnel.

– Evaluating services received on the tour, and report findings to tour organizers.

– Leading individuals or groups to tour site locations and describe points of interest.

– Verifying amounts and quality of equipment prior to expeditions or tours.

– Paying bills and record checks issued.

– Providing tourists with assistance in obtaining permits and documents such as visas, passports, and health certificates, and in converting currency.

– Administering first aid to injured group participants.

– Driving land and water vehicles to transport tourists to activity/tour sites.

– Setting up camps, and prepare meals for tour group members.

– Instructing novices in climbing techniques, mountaineering, and wilderness survival, and demonstrate use of hunting, fishing, and climbing equipment.

– Selling or rent equipment, clothing, and supplies related to expeditions.

– Explaining hunting and fishing laws to groups in order to ensure compliance.

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